Amore y Pace


Sunday Insomnia

It seems that I am just unable to sleep on Sunday evenings. Here I am again trying my hardest to calm my thoughts for long enough that I can trick myself into sleeping. 
I counted up my mosquito bites which fall between my ankles and three inches below my knees. I wore capris on my weekend rock climbing trip to Wisconsin. If my estimations are correct I have 52 on my left leg and 56 on my right leg. 
And I assure you that I've been conservative, given that several welps were counted as one bite when I am sure it must be at least 3+ that make up those bulging itch spots. Every half hour or so I cake on hydrocortisone cream to postpone the pain.

I would take the suggestion of editing photographs but I'm still learning how to use all the bells and whistles on iphoto. And sorry, but, I don't get SportsCenter though I think that could do the trick of "drowning out" my thoughts.

I think if I'm still up at 0200 I'm going to call in to work. 


a.m. and counting

so what do the rest of you do at 0346 when you can't get to sleep?
i had a bowl of cereal.
didn't help.
i tried writing, it's not helping.
called my mom-it was nice until she needed to sleep.
read some of 1corinthians. 
i'm now considering going to the gym.


So Much for the Daffodils

green arms unfolding
peeking nails through the earth
hopeful eyes wait with longing
that the vibrant trumpet would plunge forth

yet this morning called forth slaughter
across the limbs of their frame
yielding icicle burns and suffocation
by cold and freezing rain


water in all forms

this weekend for the first time since, well November, the snow has almost completely melted. it even rained friday night, precipitation that did not freeze as it fell making us chicogoans thrilled to be alive in this city.
it is always such a surprise to me when we begin to see signs of spring. viewing grass in large quantities is so delightful that i can barely contain myself when driving down the streets.
it makes me happy to know that I may be able to box up my electric blanket and scarves sooner than April this year.
-i'm crossing my fingers and toes


hypothetically speaking

a lot can happen in two months. one can develop and implement a bi-lingual Latina group on identity/communication/health/roles/dating/& culture for teens, a person can get buried in the snow, one can catch the flu-and then catch it again the following week after fifteen days of below freezing temps, one can discover they have an irregular heart beat, a person can go to a Paco de Lucia concert at the symphony hall, have a visit from their best friend & a new friend, dance dance dance, and fall in love ALL in two months time.

and they could do it all all without blogging a bit of it.

as for me, i've just been trying to figure out how in the hell to use turbo tax.


carry over

People who carry over vacation time to the next year are nuts. Why on earth would you NOT use time that you've earned? If a company is willing to pay ME to not come to work you better believe I'm taking them up on the offer. In fact, I still have 10 hours of sick/personal time accrued and I've already decided that next Thursday is going to be my mental health day. I'm not carrying anything over to the new year except my laundry. Cheers.


the glue

at work i am constantly struck how people grow apart and back together again in relationship with one another. it is always remarkable to me what the contributing factors are to this ebb and flow. it seems often that my job is helping people to identify what these factors are so that they can plan strategically which direction their relationships need to move and consequently which contributing factors to focus on.

some are in toxic relationships and they need to avoid certain factors that lend towards replenishing a sour life supply. others want to learn which assests will yield a dependable supply and build their relationship stronger.

but the question remains, do all parties want to move in the same direction? which has me venture to ask, even if the right factors are in place-will the relationship grow & extend to either pole if all involved don't agree on that direction?

in boudra words: has the glue dried yet? if not, in the meantime, how do you move within the adhesive?